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Board of Directors at Zafar Securities (Pakistan Stock Exchange Broker)

Syed Asim Zafar

Chairman ZSL, Zafar Securities Limited.

Mrs. Khola Hussain
Mrs. Khola Hussain

Director ZSL, Zafar Securities Limited.

Mrs. Saima Zafar
Mrs. Saima Zafar

Director ZSL, Zafar Securities Limited.

Syed Asim Zafar


Syed Asim Zafar is a dynamic, progressive and visionary entrepreneur. His endless desire to achieve perfection in client satisfaction and his ability to manage human resource has made ZSL into a leading Stock Brokerage House of Lahore.

He served as the Chairman of the Lahore Stock Exchange and a member of the board of Directors of the Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE), Zafar Securities, National Commodity Exchange and World Call Multi Media. Syed Asim Zafar has been pivotal in professionalizing and improving the performance of the LSE in his three terms as its Chair. Syed Asim Zafar holds a degree in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University, USA.

Syeda Khola Hussain


Syeda Khola Hussain is a Director at Zafar Securities (Pvt) Ltd. She heads the Human Resource Department and arranges and conducts in-house training and development programmes.

Also, she is responsible for liaison with regulatory authorities, and financial and educational institutions. Previously, she has worked in an Investment Bank, as well as The Friday Times, a well-reputed weekly newspaper, as News Editor. She has received Fundamentals of Capital Markets Certification from ICM. She is an MBA in Finance/Marketing from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

Members and Debenture Holders

  • Syed Asim Zafar
  • Saima Zafar
  • Syeda Khola Hussain
  • Pakistani
  • Pakistani
  • Pakistani
No. of Shares
  • 1599999
  • 1
  • 400000

Members of Audit Committee

1. Syeda Khola Hussain
2. Syed Mohammad Zafar
3. Omer Junaid