Web Trading User Manual
Web Trading User Manual

ZSL Web Trading Terminal has a lot of functions and features. Here, only a web browser is required to monitor current Pakistan Stock Exchange market and statistics in real-time, and to place orders. Client online trading reports are also available over the Internet. On this page, we have provided a pictorial view of the different screens and features list.

Web Trading Terminal Screen Shot
Web Trading Terminal Market Watch of PSX

Trading Software Feature For Stock Broker

Web Based Trading System gives user the ability of trading in real time only using his browser. It provides the user with the functionalities like placement of orders, cancellation or modification of orders, viewing his order status, transactions history, margin position and portfolio and custody positions. Karachi Stock Exchange live rates are updated in real-time and does not requires user to refresh the page.

Real Time Stock Market Analysis

Real Time Market Watch shows current buy and sell market positions for each symbol. Each row shows current market statistics for a particular symbol in a particular market. Real Time Market Watch is a power full view, which updates the best market and symbol statistics itself. There is no need to click or push any button or link to get the update. User can simply input required symbols in the Symbol box and it automatically gets its current buy and sells position. It saves the last Symbol list which user enters in the Symbol box and shows them when the user visits the site again.

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