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PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange Online Trading Services


Shares Trading in Pakistan Stock Exchange

ZSL is one of the leading brokerage houses of Pakistan Stock Exchnage (PSX). Our Client Executives have a one-on-one interaction with clients & give them professional advice in line with their financial goals. ZSL has dual membership of Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchange. So, our clients can trade on both floors using our online trading terminals & automated trading and settlement system. ZSL has launched its new BOS trading terminal. It keeps you connected 24/7 to your account with ZSL. It is a user-friendly terminal with comprehensive & efficient trading tools.

ZSL Clients receive online confirmation via e-mail and SMS as soon as a trade is executed. Our research team prepares reports on different listed companies based on analyses of their technical & fundamental data. They use state-of-the-art charting software for technical & graphical analysis along with supporting data in online trades. The report also includes a fundamental analysis of the company being studied, based on its background & past performance. It includes analysis of financial statements & calculation of profitability and other financial ratios.


Commodity Trading / Mercantile Exchange

Commodities’ is an emerging market with huge potential to make financial gains. ZSL is a universal member of PMEX and deals in commodities listed on the PMEX like crude oil, gold, silver, palm oil, wheat, sugar and rice. We offer our clients expert advice and personalized guidance to invest in the commodity market according to their individual needs. We give them an opportunity to online commodity trading and this helps them diversify their investment portfolios. Investing in commodities also allows them to hedge against inflation, and economic and social risks.

We, at ZSL, help our clients maximize their profits while protecting their investment. In commodity trading also clients receive online confirmation of their trades. Our research team uses modern charting tools to prepare technical and graphical analysis of different commodities. Also, our clients are provided with a daily update of commodity market news, prices and trends.


Other PSX Services

Currently, ZSL offers its clients services in the share and commodity markets. We focus on customer satisfaction. At ZSL, we provide our clients with personalized guidance, how to trade online, smart trade tools and extensive research to identify potential trading opportunities faster. ZSL also plans to expand its services to include underwriting as well as help companies get listed on the national stock exchanges. We also provide following services:

Online Pakistan Stock Exchange Services


Our goal at ZSL is to provide investors maximum access to Pakistan stock exchange capital markets. Ever since its inauguration in November 2002, ZSL Trade has made stock trading simpler, faster, transparent and cheaper by providing unmatched service. ZSL was the first brokerage house in Punjab to offer its clients the services of trading on-line. We are committed to providing you with the best in what online trading has to offer, so that you can have an exceptional online trading experience. Some salient features of ZSL’s online trading system are:

  • Confidentiality of all Customer Transactions
  • Online Funds Transfer Facility
  • Excellent service provided by Courteous and Knowledgeable Customer Support Staff.
  • Equal Order Priority irrespective of the order size
  • Real Time Portfolio Updates
  • Instant Executions and Confirmations on Stock Trades
  • In-depth Fundamental/Technical Analysis