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Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before signing and executing the form
The Terms and Conditions set herein below shall govern the Sub-Account forming part of the Account Family of the CDS Participant Account of the Participant, which shall be binding on the Sub-Account Holder as well as the Participant:
  • 1. Provisions of the Central Depositories Act, 1997 ("the Act") and the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited Regulations ("the Regulations") as amended from time to time and the CDC's Operating Manual/Operating Instructions developed and issued pursuant thereto from time to time and any other by- laws, directives of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan issued from time to time, shall govern the opening, maintenance and operations of the Sub-Account.
  • 2. Each page of this form should be duly signed by the Applicant (and joint Applicants if any) and the Participant or any authorized person of the Participant.
  • 3. The Participant shall ensure provision of copies of all the relevant laws, rules and regulations at his office for access to the Sub-Account Holder(s) during working hours.
  • 4. The Participant shall provide a list of his authorized agents/traders and designated employees, who can deal with the Sub-Account Holder(s) from time to time. Any change(s) therein shall forthwith be intimated in writing to the Sub-Account Holder(s).
  • 5. The Registration Details and such other information specified by the Applicant in this form for opening of the Sub-Account appear in the Sub-Account to be established by the Participant in the Central Depository System who shall ensure the correctness and completeness of the same. Any change therein notified by the Sub-Account Holder from time to time in writing to the Participant shall reflect in the Sub-Account of such Sub-Account Holder.
  • 6. The Book-entry Securities owned by the Sub-Account Holder shall be exclusively entered in the Sub-Account of such Sub-Account Holder.
  • 7. Transfer, Pledge and Withdrawal of Book-entry Securities entered in the Sub-Account of the Sub-Account Holder shall only be made from time to time in accordance with the authorization given by the Sub-Account Holder to the Participant in Part (G) above pursuant to Section 12 and 24 of the Act. Such authorization shall constitutes the congregated / entire authorizations by the Sub-Account Holder(s) in favour of the Participant and supersedes and cancels all prior authorizations (oral, written or electronic) including any different, conflicting or additional terms which appear on any agreement or form the Sub- Account Holder(s) has executed in favour of the Participant.
  • 8. Participant shall be liable to give due and timely effect to the instructions of the Sub-Account Holder given in terms of the above-referred authorization with respect to transfer, pledge and withdrawal of Book-entry Securities entered in his Sub-Account under the control of the Participant. Such instructions, among other matters, may include closing of Sub-Account.
  • 9. Participant shall send within 10 days of end of each quarter Account Balance statement to the Sub-Account Holder without any fee or charge showing the number of every Book-entry Security entered in his Sub-Account as of the end of the preceding quarter. Such Account Balance statement shall be generated from the CDS. Further, the Sub-Account Holder may request for such statement (including Account Activity reports) from the Participant at any time on payment of a fee on cost basis as prescribed by the Participant. The Participant shall be liable to provide such report/statement to the Sub-Account Holder within 3 Business Days from the date of receipt of such request, with or without charges.
  • 10. In consideration for the facilities and services provided to the Sub-Account Holder by the Participant, the Sub-Account Holder shall pay fees and charges to the Participant as applicable for availing such facilities and services under the Act, the Regulations and these Terms & Conditions. In case of outstanding payment against any underlying market purchase transaction, charges and/or losses against the Sub-Account Holder, the Participant shall have the right, subject to Clause 7 above and under prior intimation to the Sub-Account Holder to clear the payment, charges and/or losses (including any shortfall in margin requirements) within the reasonable time prescribed by the Participant, to dispose off the necessary number of Book-entry Securities of the Sub-Account Holder and apply the net proceeds thereof towards the adjustment of such outstanding payment, charges and/or losses, provided that the Participant shall report the disposal of such Securities to the relevant Pakistan Stock Exchange as an off-market transaction where the Securities are transferred from the Sub-Account to the House Account of the Participant.
  • 11. Participant shall have the right, subject to 20 Business Days prior written notice to the Sub-Account Holder to close the Sub-Account if it becomes dormant with no holding balances. No Sub-Account shall be treated as dormant unless there is no activity for continuous six months.
  • 12. Where admission of Participant to the CDS is suspended or terminated by the CDC, the Sub-Account Holder shall have the right, subject to the Regulations and the Procedures made thereunder, to request CDC to change his Controlling Account Holder and Participant shall extend full cooperation to the Sub-Account Holder in every regard, without prejudice to his right of recovery of any dues or receivable from the Sub-Account Holder.
  • 13. In case of a Joint Account, all obligations and liabilities in relation to this Sub-Account or under these Terms and Conditions shall be joint and several.
  • 14. These Terms and Conditions shall be binding on the Participant's nominee, legal representative, successors in interest and/or permitted assigns.
  • 15. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions contained in Trading Account Opening Form or any other forms/authorizations prescribed by the Participant or otherwise, the Terms and Conditions contained herein shall prevail, insofar as it is related to the custodial services to be provided by the Participant under the legal framework of CDC.
  • 16. The provision of services as provided for hereunder shall not constitute Participant as trustee and the Participant shall have no trust or other obligation in respect of the Book-entry Securities except as agreed by the Participant separately in writing.
  • 17. The Participant is not acting under this application form as Investment Manager or Investment Advisor to the Sub-Account Holder(s).
  • 18. The Participant should ensure due protection to the Sub-Account Holder regarding rights to dividend, rights or bonus shares etc. in respect of transactions routed through him and not do anything which is likely to harm the interest of the Sub-Account Holder with/from whom it may have had transactions in securities.
  • 19. Subject to Section 21 of the Act, Participant shall maintain complete confidentiality of any information or document that is in his knowledge or possession or control relating to the affairs of the Sub-Account Holder(s), and in particular, relating to their Sub-Account(s), and shall not give, divulge, reveal or otherwise disclose such information or document to any other person.
  • 20. These Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to have been amended, altered and/or modified if rights and duties of the parties hereto are altered by virtue of change in law, rules, regulations etc. of SECP and/or articles, rules, regulations of the Stock Exchanges and/or the Act, CDC Regulations, CDC's Operating Manual/Operating Procedures and/or any circular, directive or direction issued therein, such changes shall be deemed to have been incorporated and modified the rights and duties of the parties hereto.
  • 21. The Participant shall ensure that duly filled in and signed copy of this form along with the acknowledgement receipt is provided to the Sub-Account Holder.
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